In response to a growing number of client requests for training, we have launched a learning platform covering such topics as:

  • Sexual Harassment Awareness;
  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusion; and
  • Bullying & Harassment.

Audit logs of courses taken can be provided with certificates of completion to assist with your DDQs and also to cover the concern with recent case law in Allay (UK) Ltd v Gehlen EAT/0331/20.

In this recent case, ‘stale’ training was not a defence for racist comments within the workplace. Most of our clients don’t have any training in this area, so ‘stale’ is an interesting point.

The EAT held that the employer’s diversity training was not sufficient to amount to a “reasonable steps” defence in a claim of racial harassment committed by one of its employees. Following this case, you, as an employer, may be deemed liable for discriminatory acts of harassment, committed by your employees against other employees, unless you can show that you took reasonably practicable steps to prevent the discriminatory act. The findings in this case highlighted that implementation of an anti-harassment policy was not sufficient, this needed to be supported with training for all staff. The effectiveness of the training should be monitored and refreshed, particularly if it appears staff are ignoring the training or are still not clear on what is or isn’t acceptable.

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